Tusk At Hand Album art & Track Lisiting

Tusk At Hand is ParkingLotGrass’ first full studio album after the ‘Shimo Mfukoni’ EP in 2012. The album in itself is an outcry and public appeal to the Kenyan society who have long suffered and encountered issues that are swept under the rag and are left to swell beneath. While this happens, people are more engaged in matters that don’t add any particular value to our society.

The idea behind the album title, artwork and songs are based on the different challenges we face in our country at the moment ranging from: poaching, pollution, suicides, corruption, discrimination, self-belief and esteem, identity crisis and over indulgence.

The artwork depicts a slaughtered elephant with one of its tusks being grabbed by a few ‘culprits’. At the very top of the tusk from where it was severed is an Africans’ hand – this is relational to the fact that locals are used as pawns in the wilderness to poach the animals to a second arm which is a middleman’s’ arm that is closely followed by that of an Asian – [As we all know of their theories of a tusks medicinal value]. The hand that is almost at the tip of the tusk is a rich white mans’ arm as they use ivory for jewellery, trinkets and trophies. Regardless of race or colour, the blood spilt trickled down to every last person involved.

Tusk at hand album art

tusk at hand album art

Track Listing

  1. If I Could Believe
  2. Shine
  3. Naweza
  4. Rainman
  5. Chosen Ones
  6. Let Me Be
  7. Turn Around Feat. Clay
  8. Kilio Cha Haki
  9. Sio Lazima
  10. Wanyama Wa Pori
  11. Constitution
  12. Naweza (acoustic)

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