“Shimo Mfukoni” EP Launch Covered on Zuqka Magazine

The memorable ParkingLotGrass EP Launch event of last Saturday was today (Friday 11th May) featured on the Nation newspaper’s Zuqka magazine. The article titled “Aurum Est Potestas”, Gold is Power, was written by Shuyin Ben from his perspective on “…one of his greatest rock experiences” and covered the lows and highs of the event as well as a little bit about some of PLG’s songs like Speed Chaser and Shimo Mfukoni.

 “…PLG are the only band I have heard so far whose vocalist uses Kiswahili in the lyrics… Gold is power, and talent is gold. This talent shines in all of us, and it shone in the bands that one glorious night.”

Click here to see the digital issue of the Zuqka magazine and read the entire article.

3 Responses to “Shimo Mfukoni” EP Launch Covered on Zuqka Magazine

  1. Whoa! You guys make me proud i’m Kenyan!Keep up the awesome,great,history making,dangerously addictive work(s)!#TeamPLG through and through!

  2. Shuyin ben

    Like i always say Rad to the power of infinity

  3. I love ur music …..ad do anything 2 c u guyz

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