Ronjey Unveiled as PLG Drummer

399948_570778359609405_1717234625_nParkingLotGrass on Sunday night unveiled their new drummer at the monthly “Rock Sunday” event at Choices Pub & Restaurant just a few weeks after formally announcing the departure of previous drummer (current producer), Nick Wathi.

PLG welcomed the former Dove Slimme drummer, Carrey Ronjey to “Team PLG” at a lively and memorable event that even saw him sing a free style in the middle of the band’s set. The event marked his confirmation into the band. A tweet from his account this morning @TheRealRonjey read: “Playing with an established band for the first time is like meeting in laws. Their fans scrutinize you #maaaaad @ParkingLotGrass :-)” …probably an indication that he had a good time after all.

Ronjey joins the band at a time when PLG is working on a full length album in follow up to last year’s EP, Shimo Mfukoni, and he will play a big role in defining the sound and brings with him a wealth of experience in different styles.

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