PLG To Release New Single


PLG will soon release a new track off the upcoming album “Tusk At Hand”. The single, titled “Turn Around” was a collaborative effort with the beautiful & talented Nigerian rocker, Clay ( This will also be the first time the band features a female voice in their work.

During the songwriting process, the band sought to feature other artists on the album. As fate would have it, Clay happened to reach out to PLG looking to working with the band. “We all had assumptions about her music being ‘ordinarily’ Nigerian but after listening to her first single ‘Lemanya’….we were certain she was the perfect voice for inclusion in the album,” says frontman Duncan Muriira.

The track will be released on April 1st 2015.

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2 Responses to PLG To Release New Single

  1. Charles

    Heard of clay for the first time on turn around. I wish there was more of plg-clay, that track was… Epitome of harmony *speechless*
    I don’t know if this would be pushing it but how about making clay part of plg? Or the very least a joint album then

  2. Eliazar

    Can’t wait.2016 is gonna be your year.Wanyama Wa Pori & Rain Man are great for me… Let the bass shake Kenya and beyond as it has always been

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