PLG Release “Naweza”


ParkingLotGrass have today released the second single off their upcoming 2014 album. The track is titled “Naweza” (Swahili for “I Can”) and follows 8 weeks after “Rain Man” which was the first release from the album.

“Naweza”, Swahili for “I Can”, is a reflection of hardship & colossal obstacles that spell strife in our lives that we all go through, and how to face these challenges almost summed up as “Have no fear in the face of difficulty. You can overcome them.” The song is a message of triumph over these hardships as embodied in the song’s chorus.  

The song is available to stream on SoundCloud and the band website and will be available for mobile download via and other sites.
The track was recorded at Andromeda Studios where the band continues to put down work towards their 2014 album.

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  1. Daniel Kobimbo

    You guys have the best and hardest sound in Kenya. There’s no going back.

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