PLG Officially Announce Album Title

tusk at hand new plg album title
Its no secret that PLG have been working on an album which was initially to be released in 2014. However, due to a myriad of factors, including track changes, the album was postponed to 2015.

Release date is yet to be set but the band has confirmed that the album will be titled “Tusk At Hand”. Originally the album was to be titled “Pembe Mkononi” as a sort of continuation from the 2012 EP “Shimo Mfukoni”. The name in itself is self-explanatory though the reference might come from different aspects not just the obvious one.

Frontman, Duncan Muriira, had the following to say regarding the album:
“Tusk at Hand is almost like a cry of activism through music; as is now, music has been on the backseat of active awareness and the underlined social responsibility. Our country is at a tipping point where the younger generations are being bombarded with so many issues that distract people from the bigger problems/issues facing the collective society. With everything negative going on in our country, this album tries to resonate a positive voice/vibe while insinuating a sense of responsibility to every individual that….they have a task to address hardships and obstacles of life in a different light.”

More details shall follow soon.

Meanwhile you can watch and share the raiman video below:

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