Nick Wathi Returns as PLG Drummer

nick wathii

Former PLG drummer, Nick Wathi, has returned to the band. This follows voluntary resignation of Ronjey at the end of September 2014.

Nick stepped down from role of drummer in April 2013 after being with the band for close to two & a half years after which the band tapped former Dove Slimme drummer, Francis Ronjey to fill the role. Ronjey had been with the band since May 2013 and made a meaningful contribution to the band especially in live performances.

Since his departure from the band, Nick had been spending more time with brother, Stan, at Andromeda Studios producing music for a number of other local rock & metal acts including Last Years’ Tragedy, The Claymore Project and Dove Slimme. Nick’s return to the band comes at a time when PLG are working towards completion of their full length album that is due for completion in 2014 and announcements on the album shall follow.

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