Andromeda Music Conclude work on “Shimo Mfukoni” EP

Andromeda Music, the studio tasked with the recording and mastering of PLG’s premier EP, “Shimo Mfukoni” have confirmed that work on the
EP is now closed and they are more than happy with the product. The EP was concluded last Friday and has been passed on for duplication ahead
of the May 5th launch in Nairobi.

“It’s been a great and unique experience working with ParkingLotGrass,the best part being their open-mindedness and them allowing us to be
creative in our own way while working with them. We are looking forward to working with them again,” said Stan of Andromeda.

Shimo Mfukoni becomes Andromeda’s second completed project in 2012 with the first being Kenyan metal band, In Oath’s EP titled “Eulogy”
that was released last week.

Andromeda Music are based in Nairobi and are currently working with other local bands, Dove Slimme, In Oath, Seismic and Last Year’s
and are also working on some electronic music and movie scoring projects with different producers.

2 Responses to Andromeda Music Conclude work on “Shimo Mfukoni” EP

  1. Lyrical Maniac

    Y’all just gave many who aspire 2 form bands in the future a head start, thanks PLG 4 repping Rock your fans will keep on growing, we support you.
    Will PLG hit internationally? I’mma have 2 say yes, HELL YES!
    Go Andromeda music.

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