As you guys know, we’ve been in studio recording material for a full album that we intend to release later this year. We haven’t yet determined the actual launch date but that’s subject to a lot of things. Album title & track listing are also work in progress.

The first single release off the upcoming album was Rain Man which we released a little over a month ago. We’re very grateful for the positive vibes it has generated as well as the warm welcome that was given to our new frontman, Duncan. We will be releasing the second single in a few days & we hope you guys are ready to spread it like a wild fire.

Overall, we have recorded 11 tracks so far. We’ve dropped one and are probably going to record another three or four before we finalize. We have titles for 6 of the songs so far and we’re also hoping to do some collaborative work on one of the tracks with another artist or group of artists. We’re going to be spending more time at the garage once we are done at the studio so we can get back to gigging actively so you can look forward to hearing a lot of this new material live pretty soon.

We do all this for you guys, our fans, friends & family. The undying support you give us keeps us going even when its hardest & for this, we thank you. #TeamPLG.

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  1. Punkkid

    I freaking love you guys…Rock on…

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