The idea of PLG came about somewhere around 2005 or 2006 when Alistair, Victor and Matthew (former drummer) were college students. The three had nothing in common and were a clash of personalities that would never have mixed were it not for their craze for rock music. They became best of friends, bonded by their passion for rock, and were soon spending more and more time together discussing their favourite bands, sharing music and looking for anything in the local rock scene to keep them occupied outside of class.

Out of this, the three heard about some live gigs that were happening monthly dubbed Battle of the Bands and organized by local bands. This was the start of another phase as the three were introduced to the rock experience, with the local acts giving them the extra push to give the whole band thing a go. Bands such as Seismic, M2O, Last Year’s Tragedy, Rock of Ages among others were instrumental in paving the trios direction who soon set out to form their own rock band with a strange enough name…ParkingLotGrass.

The three soon saved up enough to buy some instruments, two guitars and a drum set, and started jamming at Hawi’s house at every opportunity not knowing much of anything about writing music or who would eventually sing. Off a poster for guitar lessons at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Ali & Vic met Seismic guitarist, Amos Kiptoon…little did they know that he would someday be a part of PLG. Fast forward to Dec. 2009 and PLG got their first taste of the stage when asked to open at a charity event. With no vocalist in place, the coin landed in Vic’s ‘favour’ and he was tasked with being PLG’s vocalist for the night. This gig is hardly spoken of in PLG’s history.

The official beginning of PLG, as far as gigging goes, starts in mid-2010 with an invitation to a BOTB event. With slightly over a month to the gig, only one original track down (Sweet Pain) and a few practiced cover songs, PLG met vocalist, Raphael Sipalla, a Tusker Project Fame 3 finalist who had no interest in rock music. At last, a 5-man band, PLG went on to compete in their first event, coming out 2nd and introducing themselves to the rock scene in Kenya. The rest, as they say, is history…

Former Members

Matthew Hawi, Drums (formation – Oct. 2010)

HubbertAruula, Drums (Oct. 2010 – Jan. 2011)

Nick Wathi, Drums (Jan. 2011, –  Apr. 2013) (Sep.2014 – Current)

Raphael Sipalla, Lead Vocals (Apr. 2010, – Dec 2013)

Carrey Francis Ronjey, Drums (May 2013 – sept 2014)

Awards/ Recognition

Choices Battle Of the Bands, Jul. 2010 – 2ndPosition (among 7 bands)

Choices Battle Of the Bands, Aug. 2010 – 1st Position (among 4 bands)

Brew Bistro Oktober Fest 2010 – 2nd Position (among 5 bands)

Showdown at the Godown 2010 – Most Exemplary Performer (PLG Vocalist – Ralph Sipalla)

Rock On! Battle of the Bands 2011 – 2nd Position (among 12 bands)

Brew Bistro Oktober Fest 2011 – 3rd Position (among 9 bands)

Brew Bistro Oktober Fest 2012 – 1st Place (among 12 bands)

49 Degrees MetalZone Festival (Germany) 2013 – Represented Africa along Side Angolan Band -Before Crush